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e-commerce project

There's a good reason developers choose Laravel for e-commerce projects - it's just easy to work with and customise. But with that flexibilty used to come a lot of hard work reinventing the wheel. Those days are gone.


The core of any online store, products give us something to sell. GetCandy offers powerful functionality to customise and configure your products.

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  • Custom Attributes

    Add custom fields to your products and use Product Types to group attributes. E.g. a television Product Type might have "screen size", "tuner type", etc.

  • Tags

    Organise your products with tagging to easily target them.

  • Images

    Easily upload images in many formats. Thumbnails are automatically generated for you.

  • Availability

    Specify which channels and customer groups have access to this product, and even specify by date range.

  • Variants

    Red, blue, green, small, medium, large. Set all your variants easily and control their individual pricing, etc.

  • URLs

    Define your own custom URLs for each product. Set the language of each and also specify the default URL.

  • Pricing

    Complete pricing control with base price, comparison price, tiered pricing and customer group pricing.

  • Identifiers

    SKU, GTIN, MPN and EAN fields, ready for your searching and shopping feeds.

  • Inventory

    Determine when products can be purchased and how many you have in stock and on backorder.

  • Shipping

    Configure a products dimensions, volume and weight - or simply mark as not requiring shipping.

  • Associations

    Associate products to each other for cross-sells, up-sells, alternatives, etc.


Group your products into logical collections, for browsing, menu creation and display.

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  • Custom Attributes

    Add custom data to your collections to support your store's design.

  • Collection Groups

    Group collections to assist with menu creation and organisation.

  • Child Collections

    Nest collections to create a tree hierarchy, perfect for browsing and menus.

  • Images

    Upload images easily and have thumbnails automatically generated.

  • URLs

    Define your own custom URLs for each collection. Set the language of each and also specify the default URL.

  • Availability

    Specify which channels and customer groups have access to the collection, and even specify by date range.


Add products to your cart, calculate the totals, apply taxes and define shipping options.

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  • Tax Management

    Tax classes, zones and rates allow you to configure taxation for all scenarios.

  • Cart Modifiers

    Adjust your Cart's contents and pricing with custom modifiers. Easily implement bespoke discounts and other logic.

  • Shipping Modifiers

    Use custom logic to add your shipping options. E.g. spend over $50 and get free shipping.

  • Session Manager

    If you are buiding a Laravel storefront, you can use this handy session manage to handle user carts.

  • Saved Carts

    Save carts for later with a name.


Place orders to be processed. Orders are a snapshot of a cart, with further associated data and statuses.

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  • Order Modifiers

    Write custom logic to adjust orders as they're being placed.

  • Addresses

    Store the billing and shipping addresses against your orders.

  • Transactions

    Keep track of payments and refunds.

  • Activity Log

    Automatically keep a track of all the changes on an order, and even add your own entries.


Registered customers allow for convience and B2B ordering.

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  • Users

    Associate one or many users to a customer record. Ideal for B2B ordering with multiple buyers.

  • Customer Groups

    Assign customers to groups to benefit from different product availability, pricing, etc.

  • Addresses

    Saved addresses to speed up the checkout process.


Support multiple channels with flexible data.

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  • Channels

    Set different channels for your store, e.g. Webstore, eBay, mobile app, to control availability.

  • Languages

    Multi-languages is baked into the core. Translate all your product and collection information.

  • Currencies

    True multi-currency support. Store product pricing in multiple currencies and accept orders in multiple currencies.

Admin Hub

An easy administration system to keep your store information current, serve customers and process orders.

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  • Powered by Livewire

    Livewire gives us the ability to create a modern UX/UI without leaving Laravel.

  • Extendable

    Build your own addons, add them to the menus. Simple but powerful.

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