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Create exactly the online store you need with Headless E-Commerce. No more Magento or WooCommerce hell - build your system using the GetCandy API.


Build better online stores

GetCandy is a combined e-commerce API and administration system designed to help you create amazing online stores with full control over functionality and user experience.

  • RESTful API

    A comprehensive API with OpenAPI specification, provided as Laravel package. Add GetCandy to your project and connect to your storefronts.

  • Admin Hub SPA

    A slick admin hub built in NuxtJS (Vue.js) allows you to edit products, view orders, etc. And you can extend with custom plugins.

  • Free to Extend

    E-Commerce the way you work. Build your own plugins and customise how GetCandy works to support your storefront's requirements.

  • Always Open Source

    Don't get locked-in to closed-source providers and escalating costs. Stay in control with Open Source software.


“GetCandy was the launch pad that took us from initial concept to paying customers in record time. We were able to trial our concept at scale with minimal effort, and it's been a huge success, thanks to the flexibility and robustness of GetCandy.”

Jamie Warburton
Head of Engineering, Hex Digital

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