updates 8th Sep, 2022

GetCandy becomes “Lunar”

Glenn Jacobs


After a lot of research, Googling names and searching for available domains and social media profiles, we can finally announce that GetCandy is changing its name to “Lunar”.


GetCandy as a brand has been difficult to work with from the start. The fact it relates to grabbing candy means you instinctively want to start plastering candy wrappers over designs. Also, it doesn’t lend itself to being taken seriously. Associations with kids, toys, candy, etc. Yes, it’s playful which is cool, but it’s not accepted that well by corporations and clients, as we’ve seen.

Lunar is our answer to that. It’s a playful enough name, in that we can be creative, but not too playful that it won’t be taken seriously.

What’s next?

Next week (w/c 12th September 2022) we will start to move across to the new name. One of the most important changes will be to the code namespace - yes, you will need to update your app to upgrade to the first Lunar release, but hopefully, a simple find/replace for most.

The versioning will also change. With the move to Lunar, we will be resetting the versioning and the first Lunar release will be 0.1.0. We will follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 and the zero version indicates the rapid development of the project.

We are “over the moon” with the new name and are excited for the journey ahead!

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