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GetCandy 2.0-beta11

Alec Ritson


2.0-beta11 is here with a focus on squashing bugs and revamping the Order and Customer screens to bring us closer to the 2.0 release. We also packed in a range of bug fixes and improvements to make things a little bit sweeter.

New features in 2.0-beta11

URL Generation

When creating Products and Collections you can now specify how URLs are generated. The configuration for this is located in "config/getcandy/urls.php", where you are free to swap out for your own generator or disable it altogether. Pretty neat!

Clearing the cart session

There's a new little helper now if you need to clear down a cart session, a small addition but one we can see being quite useful.


Meilisearch improvements

There were some issues with Meilisearch when it came to setting up GetCandy, so we've introduced an additional command you can run on your Laravel app which will import all the searchable models. No more having to import them one by one!

php artisan getcandy:search:index

Payments Manager

We've added the foundations for developers to build payment providers for GetCandy. To get started we've released an initial Stripe add on for reference https://github.com/getcandy/stripe.

We'll be adding more as time goes on and would also encourage developers to build their own.

Read more about how it works in your store here

Read how you can create your custom drivers

And now for the grand finale...

Improved Order listing and viewing screens

The current order listing and view screens were more of a placeholder than anything useful. This release changes that, they've been completely rewritten with new functionalities baked in.

Order Listing

Searching & filtering

Searching and filtering on orders have been improved, you can also add your own filters based on what's available in the search index, see Extending the hub

On top of this, if you have search terms or filters you use often, you can save them for later use.

Order view screen

The current order view screens seriously lacked when it came to the information displayed and interactivity, there were also a number of issues with these pages which, when orders are the most important part of any e-commerce system, simply wasn't good enough...so we rewrote them!

There are a bunch of new things packed into this screen so I'll list out the main points below:

  • See a breakdown of each order line including taxes and discounts.
  • View any order notes.
  • Show which shipping option was used.
  • Update the order status.
  • Edit both billing and shipping addresses.
  • View transactions associated with the order.
  • Capture payment on transactions that require releasing.
  • Support for partial or complete refunds.
  • View a complete timeline of the order and the activity
  • Ability to comment on orders.
  • View the customer who made the order (When not a guest order)

This is just one of many iterations, we will be looking to add functionality to allow you to customise these screens even further and add any of your own data.

Customer screen

The screen when viewing a customer has got some much needed love too!

We've added some useful KPIs and data so you can see exactly how much the customer is spending, what they've purchased and any orders users associated to them have made.

As with previous releases, there are always a handful of fixes and other improvements that have gone in. You can see a full list by viewing the change log for each package.

Core Changes

Admin Changes

Upgrade Guide

We have updated the docs to include upgrade instructions for those running an earlier version of GetCandy 2.

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