Why use GetCandy?

Because it uses Laravel

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework - it's pretty good! And PHP is by far the most popular server-side programming language for the web.

Headless E-Commerce

The future of e-commerce is headless (apparently). It provides high performance, full customisable shopping experiences.

Get away from bloatware

Anyone who's ever worked on Magento knows that it's not the fastest system going. And you end up trying to counter this poor performance with layers of caching and high performance servers. GetCandy is slimline in comparison, keeps things simple and fast, whilst still providing a great feature set.

You have control

GetCandy is open source, meaning you get to have a copy of the code and do what you will with it. There's no limits and you're not locked in to closed source SaaS solutions.

We built GetCandy for our own needs. Now we can quickly build shopping experiences for clients, with the knowledge we have full control, an API-First approach and the efficiency of working with Laravel and NuxtJS.

Glenn Jacobs
Managing Director, Neon Digital

GetCandy was the launch pad that took us from initial concept to paying customers in record time. We were able to trial our concept at scale with minimal effort, and it's been a huge success, thanks to the flexibility and robustness of GetCandy.

Jamie Warburton
Head of Engineering, Hex Digital

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