Administration Hub

Manage your store with a modern SPA management system, built in NuxtJS. Currently in Beta.

Manage your store, in one place.

An admin system for your API

Featuring a completely modular architecture, the Hub connects to your GetCandy API, using either Laravel Passport or Sanctum, to give managers the ability to maintain their catalog and process orders.

  • Catalog Manager

    Build up your store with categories, collections, products, images, videos and custom attributes. Set permissions per channel and customer group.

  • Order Processing

    View orders as they come in, check payment transactions, update statuses and send email updates. Easily find customers, impersonate them and view their orders.

  • Reports

    View the latest KPIs on your hub dashboard and view specific reports for performance of orders, customers and products.

Extend the functionality

The GetCandy Hub is built as a set of packages for NuxtJS. Each package provides specific functionality, e.g. order processing. You too can build your own packages to provide custom functionality within the Hub.

  • Hooks

    Hook in to existing menus to add extra options or fire new processes.

  • Add Sections

    Add a completely new section to the Hub, for example you could develop a tell-a-friend system.

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