Frequently asked questions

Is GetCandy free to use?

Yes. The GetCandy API and Admin Hub is completely open source and free to use.

If it's free, how do you make money?

It's important for any large project to have solid funding. At the moment GetCandy makes no money. However, we hope in the future to be able to offer additional paid services.

Is this better than Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc?

It depends. GetCandy has been created to support developers of projects that require something different to off-the-shelf solutions. GetCandy isn't opinionated, you can use the e-commerce API however you wish.

Where is the storefront?

GetCandy as a product is an e-commerce API and administration hub. We do not offer a storefront. You have the freedom to build your own storefront in whatever code you choose and with the best UI/UX for your customers. Having said that, we do have plans to release an example store in the near future, which is likely to help developers get started.

Do I need to use Elasticsearch?

Currently the search system only supports Elasticsearch. We are considering adding more search drivers, including a MySQL option.

Can I connect my iOS / Android App to GetCandy?

Sure! GetCandy is simply a RESTful API, so you can connect to it from any frontend you develop.

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