updates 31st Jan, 2022

GetCandy v2.0-beta8

Alec Ritson


We've packed quite a bit into this next release. With a big help from the growing community we've managed to squash some bugs, make improvements to the UX in the admin hub and even add a few new features to pave the way for coming out of beta.

Before we get into this, we've migrated from productboard (where we were hosting our roadmap) to a GitHub Project.

We felt this was a perfect place for developers to get involved in what's upcoming for GetCandy and also see more clearly where they could help out and keep everything in one place.

Right, let's get into what's in this release...

Introducing, the Pricing Manager

When we started the demo storefront, we quickly realised there wasn't an easy or consistent way to get the price of a purchasable model. The pricing manager has been introduced to solve this.

Beforehand, you needed to grab all the prices manually, filter by currency, work out the quantity breaks etc and it was all a bit much, especially since you're likely going to need it throughout the storefront. Now you can use a Facade to get the price in one swoop:

$pricing = \GetCandy\Facades\Pricing::qty(5)->for($variant);

And there you have it, you'll get the correct pricing back every time. For more info on this works and what's available, check out the documentation.

Configure how you access the admin hub

Before you could only access the hub by going to /hub, now you can configure the path however you see fit.


For a full list of fixes/changes and additions, check out the release page.

Core Changes

Admin Changes

Upgrade Guide

We have updated the docs to include upgrade instructions for those running an earlier version of GetCandy 2.

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