updates 19th May, 2022

GetCandy 2.0-beta13

Alec Ritson


This release packs in some much-needed maintenance updates across the core and the admin hub, with one notable exception.

Search configuration per model

In 2.0-beta13 it's now possible to define which search engine you want to use on a per-model basis. This seems simple but is quite a powerful change to the core. What this means is you can use a service like Algolia to search your products, but keep your order searching in something else, whether that is Meilisearch or something completely custom, meaning you won't rack up your Algolia document limits!

Enabling this functionality is pretty straightforward, simply tweak the config/getcandy/search.php configuration and add the engines you want each model to use, if it is not there it will use whatever is set for SCOUT_DRIVER. It might look something like this:

'engine_map' => [ 
  \GetCandy\Models\Product::class => 'algolia',
  \GetCandy\Models\Order::class => 'meilisearch',
  \GetCandy\Models\Collection::class => 'meilisearch', 

YouTube Field type

You can now add YouTube videos directly to your products and collections. We also have a file upload field type coming soon.

Customers now support attributes

You can now assign attributes to customers, adding a new level of customisation. This works the same way as existing attributes for models such as Products and Collections.

As with previous releases, there are always a handful of fixes and other improvements that have gone in. You can see a full list by viewing the changelog for each package.

Core Changes

Admin Changes

Upgrade Guide

We have updated the docs to include upgrade instructions for those running an earlier version of GetCandy 2.

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