updates 8th Apr, 2022

GetCandy 2.0-beta12

Alec Ritson


We have made some small tweaks to the method names that payment drivers define and also adjusted the currency validation in the hub.

Payment driver changes

The method release has been renamed to authorize to be more in keeping with other systems, such as Omnipay. This change should hopefully make people who have used those packages more familiar with what is happening under the hood.

Currency changes

There was a limit on how big a conversion amount could be. It turns out some currencies have a really high conversion rate and this was triggering the validation. The limit has been upped quite substantially to help mitigate this issue.

As with previous releases, there are always a handful of fixes and other improvements that have gone in. You can see a full list by viewing the changelog for each package.

Core Changes

Admin Changes

Upgrade Guide

We have updated the docs to include upgrade instructions for those running an earlier version of GetCandy 2.

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