updates 18th Feb, 2022

GetCandy 2.0-beta10

Alec Ritson


Laravel 9 support is here! With this release, you can now spin up new Laravel 9 projects and install GetCandy. Don't worry though as Laravel 8 is still supported, so for those not on version 9, carry on as usual.

We've packed a couple of admin hub updates into beta10, the most notable is you can now add product associations and collections from within the product editing screen, let's take a look!

Product Collections

Simply click the "Add Collections" button, search for the collections you want to add this product into and then save the product. You will still be able to add products via the collection itself, but this provides an easy way to do it all within the product screen, useful when creating new products!

Product Associations

Something that was missing from the hub was the ability to associate products with each other. Now you can add multiple products to the one you're editing or even add multiple inverse relations from within one product.

For more information on how associations work, check out the documentation.

As with previous releases, there are always a handful of fixes and other improvements that have gone in. You can see a full list by viewing the change-log for each package.

Core Changes

Admin Changes

Upgrade Guide

We have updated the docs to include upgrade instructions for those running an earlier version of GetCandy 2.

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