E-Commerce API for Laravel

Build your next online store using headless e-commerce. The GetCandy E-Commerce API provides all the features you need to get a storefront up and running using your favourite technology.

GetCandy API

Catalogue Management

Products & Variants

Easily manage your products, add variants, set pricing, upload pictures, associate videos, custom URLs, set display options, etc.


Structure your catalogue with a hierachy of categories, all with their own custom attributes, media uploads and permissions.


Create collections of products to show in specific locations, e.g. homepage slider.

Custom Attributes

Product families, attributes and groups allow you to customise GetCandy to store the information you require.

Order Processing


List orders, by status, send email notifications to customers.


Get all customer information, including their order history.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications to customers when an order status changes, and include custom content.


Set up your shipping options, per region.


Fast, Relevent Product Search

Powered by Elasticsearch, GetCandy's product search is fast and produces great results.


Filter search results by category, custom attribute, price, to easily find products.

Marketing & Reporting


Report on sales, best selling products, new vs returning customers, average order value and much more.


Create discount rules to be applied to your basket.

Support team
Headless E-Commerce

Administration Hub

Built in NuxtJS, the GetCandy Hub gives you a great interface to administrate your e-commerce system.

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